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**I’ve moved!  Read the rest of this post at my new home**

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**I’ve moved! Read the rest of this post at my new home**

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**I’ve moved!! Read the rest of

this post at my new home**

Please come see the recipe there.

xo, jaden

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**I’ve moved!!  Read the rest of this post at my new home**

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My Sushi for One dinner

Last week I taught a hand-on sushi class with 20 students in the studio kitchen….

**I have moved! Read the rest of this post at my new home**


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I’ve moved!!!

My Spam Fried Rice recipe and my “Ode to Spam in the Style of Seuss” is on my new site.

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My weekly trip to the organic farm stand. The mango above is one of the best I’ve ever had. Where is it from? Haiti! Who knew? Organic mangoes from Haiti. I had no idea that there are 10 million mango trees in Haiti. I usually am an advocate of eating locally. But I am also an advocate of supporting the small organic farmer.

Oh, the dilemma! Go to the massive mega-supermarket and buy Florida grown mango, bland, fibrous and tastes like diluted bath water? Or beautiful, smooth, creamy, non-fibrous mango from a politically violent country, purchased from a family-owned organic farm stand. Jessica’s Organic Farm grows most of the vegetables they sell, in a huge field about 10 yards from the stand. What they don’t grow themselves they source from reputable organic farms.

The mango went into a mango salsa. Most of the vegetables went into last night dinner on a Raclette grill.The rest of it tonight – dipped in Bagna Cauda – full of garlic and anchovies.

Bagna Cauda is an Italian appetizer, which means, “you ain’t gettin’ any nookie tonight.” Butter, olive oil, garlic and anchovies make up this “hot bath.” Fresh, raw vegetables and bread cubes are dipped into the warm, garlicky lava. This is my favorite way to eat raw vegetables. It makes me feel so incredibly healthy, except for the half cup of butter and 3 tablespoons of olive oil. Oh, those are just the little details. Some versions include heavy cream, but I like it just like this.

I also made The Perfect Loaf of French Bread to go with the B.C.

Bagna Cauda
1/2 cup serves 4 as appetizer or a nice party dip.

1/2 cup butter
3 tablespoons olive oil
1 can anchovy fillets
3 garlic cloves
chili flakes (optional)

1. Puree the anchovies and garlic cloves: or, just chop both really finely to make a paste.

2. Heat on low: In saucepan on low heat, add all ingredients. Keep the flame on low so that the butter/oil gets totally infused with the anchovy and garlic. Once the butter melts, just let it continue to sit on the low flame for another 5 minutes.

Serve warm. If you use a fondue pot – double or triple the recipe. The little candle fondue bowl pictured above was purchased for $5 at Marshalls.

Vegetables & Stuff to Dip
Assortment of raw, steamed or roasted vegetables. I used broccoli, french green beans, radishes (all raw). I also had fresh bread and a few sauteed shrimp. Other ideas include: baby carrots, steamed artichoke hearts, red bell pepper slices, asparagus, celery, zucchini, cauliflower, endive.

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Chinese Donuts

A lazy day. I blog-surfed and came across Evinrude’s blog and 15 seconds after reading her post about nostalgic foods, I gracefully glided to the kitchen tripped over my kid’s !@*?/#% toy train to make Chinese donuts (Yao Tiew).

To an obsessed cook, which is more convenient?

A) Clean kitchen, lug out the 20lb KitchenAid, mix dough, knead dough, let rest, knead more, let rise, roll out, cut, shape, rest, lug out deep fryer, heat up fryer, stretch donut, fry donuts, let cool, dust with powdered sugar, spoon granular sugar (to dip in – because you can never have too much sugar with donuts), heat up espresso machine, make espresso. Eat.


B) Get in car. Drive 3 blocks to gas station at corner. Buy Krispy Kreme donut and cheap coffee. Eat.

I was so lazy that I just couldn’t get myself to get into the car and drive.

Chinese Donuts

Not from scratch – I used a Thai box mix called Tippy Patangco. It was easy- add water and oil. Looking back, I should have just made it from scratch – but I was too lazy to call my Mom for the recipe.

If you are brave enough to make from scratch – check out Lily’s site

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Xiao Lung Bao

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Peking Chicken with Steamed Bun

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