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My Sushi for One dinner

Last week I taught a hand-on sushi class with 20 students in the studio kitchen….

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Steamy Kitchen has moved!!

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Xiao Lung Bao

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Killer Cajun Shrimp
Ok, I’ve finally written down my recipe for Killer Cajun Shrimp – which is now the ONLY reason I would ever move back to California. (My other reason is no longer valid!)

Los Angeles is home to the famous, Killer Shrimp, a restaurant that only serves 1 dish…Killer Shrimp. But you do have choices. You can order Killer Shrimp with Bread, Killer Shrimp with Rice or Killer Shrimp with Pasta. Its a rich, divine broth spiced with the most ‘killer’ concoction of peppers and spices. Nestled in the broth is a mountain of massive shrimp that you peel, swirl in the brew and eat. Take a slice of french bread, dip it in the broth to mop up all the goodness. You don’t want to leave one drop behind.

How spicy is it? Hmmm….how to describe? Well, its not sharp spicy hot like biting into a habenero, this type of spicy is the slow, complex, lingering heat that you don’t feel until 10 minutes into the meal when you notice that your nose has little beads of sweat. Beware: its highly addictive and this will probably affect you for the rest of your life. Be prepared to acknowledge and satisfy your cravings for the next 15 years. Keep lots of napkins nearby and don’t expect to have table conversation. Have a few beers handy.

If one of your guests don’t like spice, well, then I suggest that they grab a Happy Meal on their way to your house. Don’t be scared off by the bright red broth – the color doesn’t come from the hot peppers, it comes from tomato paste. You can adjust the heat factor based on your taste by using less pepper (but why would you do that?!)

So, what would make this recipe even more KILLER? A version with Crawfish of course!

Killer Cajun Crawfish

The recipe itself is very simple. Active time is only 15 minutes, but you’ll want to simmer the concoction for 1 hour (or more if you have the time)

Killer Cajun Shrimp or Crawfish
Serves 4 hungry people

The Aromatics: Fry onion, celery, garlic in the butter until fragrant and soft
½ small onion, diced
1 celery rib, diced
5 cloves Garlic, minced
1 stick of butter

The Spices: place all in a morter & smash (or just quickly run knife through the herbs on cutting board) You want the herbs to still stay whole, but you need to smash them to release its flavors.

2 T Dried or fresh rosemary
2 tsp Dried thyme
1 T Dried fennel
2 tsp Celery seed
1 T Crushed red pepper flakes (less if you don’t like it too spicy, you can always add more later)
2 tsp Black Pepper (again, use less if you’re a wimp)

The Broth: Add the broth ingredients, simmer 1 hour

1.5 quarts Chicken broth (low sodium and organic – because you already got a whole stick o’ butter in it already, might as well add some sort of health benefit to this dish)
16 oz Bottled Clam juice
1/2 lemon (cut in half just throw both pieces in the broth)
3 oz. Tomato paste
1 cup White wine

The Shrimp or Crawfish: Just before serving, add and simmer until done (how long depends on how big your shrimp or crawfish are. start with 3 minutes for Shrimp and 7 minutes for Crawfish. Check and adjust with more time if needed)

2 lbs Shrimp or 4 lbs Crawfish

The Bread:
1-2 loaves French bread, sliced – you can make your own loaves very easily!
I always have 2 loaves on hand, 9 times out of 10 we grab the pot with leftover broth and dig in with the second loaf

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Espresso con Panna

My 3:00pm caffeine fix: Espresso with a dollop of whipped creme – Espresso con Panna!

My routine is even more special with my brand new Bodum Pavina Double Walled Glass. Those are 5 beautiful words which means, “Expensive, breakable, don’t drop me”

Just kidding – they weren’t that expensive, about $7 each. They are hand-blown and simply gorgeous. I love using them because a shot of espresso is so teeny tiny and I feel like I really need to savor every little sip. The set I have is the 5oz “tea glass” since I like to leave room for lots and lots of cream!

If you love coffee – have some Tiramisu

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Crispy Shrimp Springroll

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Crispy Potato Chips

Making your own potato chips is so incredibly easy. There are 2 pieces of equipment that you should have:

1) Mandoline

2) Deep Fryer (or) you could use a big heavy pot & thermometer

Read my review of the Pampered Chef Mandoline on the Wellfed Network.

The biggest secret to making light as air potato chips is to soak the potato chips in water to wash away the excess starch. You can even soak them overnight. Usually, I’ll soak for 30 minutes. If you don’t have the time, then place all the potato slices in a big bowl of water and rub gently to wash each slice. Drain the potato slices super dry, as water + oil = flying splatter = burnt spot on arm and face. (oops)

If you have any left over, and thats a big if….they’ll last another day. Don’t cover them tightly, which causes them to get soggy. I usually just them in the bowl and drape a towel over them. In the morning before my kids get up, I tiptoe into the kitchen…they make a great breakfast for me. (hey, I dip in ketchup to get my serving of vegetables!)

My favorite dip is a Cumin-Sweet Smoked Paprika Aioli that I got from Florida Trend Magazine’s Top New Restaurant Martini’s & Tapas where I teach cooking classes at.

Instead of making aioli fresh from eggs, I cheat and use store bought mayo. Two unlikely spice combinations of Cumin and Sweet Smoked Paprika just go together but you just don’t know why, kinda like Travis and Shannon.

light as air potato chips

Light as Air Potato Chips with Sweet Smoky Paprika & Cumin Aioli

wow, thats too long for me. How about:

Kick-Ass Chips & Dip


1 large russet potato for every 2 people

oil for deep frying


1. Using mandoline set at 1/16th inch, slice potatoes. Put all slices in a big bowl of water. Let sit for 20 minutes – 24 hours.

2. Heat fryer to 375. Drain as much water as you can from the potato slices. Use paper towels to absorb any additional water on the surface. Place a batch of potato slices into the fryer (batch size really depends on big your fryer or pot is – just make sure that the slices do not stick to each other and all are under the oil. Fry until golden brown. Drain on a baking sheet with rack. While chips are hot, season with salt.

Dip (Sweet Smoky Paprika & Cumin Aioli)

1 cup good mayonnaise

1 tsp cumin

1 tsp smoked sweet paprika

1 large garlic cloved, minced with garlic press

1/2 tsp salt

freshly ground pepper

Combine all of the above. If have the time, I recommend that you can make your own aioli. But, if you’re like me and crave potato chips and MUST HAVE THEM NOW, store bought mayo will do.

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