Dear John WordPress,

While we’ve had a whirlwind of a romance, its time for me to move on. I know we’ve only been together for a short 6 months time, but baby, we’re just not meant for each other. You are a control-freak, not even allowing me to edit the WordPress template HTML or include cool javascript that would let my friends enjoy more of my food pornography photography.

Thank you for your love and kindness – especially for awarding Steamy Kitchen as one of the Blogs of the Day – Top Posts, Top Blogs and Top Growing Blogs more times than I can count.

So please take care of yourself and don’t forget to take out the trash on Tuesday. I’ll be moving in with your cousin, WordPress Pro at www.steamykitchen.com/blog, please just be happy for us.

With warm regards,


Dear Friends,

Come on over to my new home at http://www.steamykitchen.com.

I’ll tell you all about how I whored myself through a culinary education and a recipe for Pan Fried Lemon Ricotta Gnocchi.

Please make sure you also change your RSS blog reader to point to my new URL too!

Steamy Kitchen

When I go home to visit my Mom, I always ask for this dish, Chinese Steamed Fish. Mom lives in Los Angeles, where there is an Asian market on every street corner. Most have live fish tanks where you can choose which lucky fella gets to come home with you for a dinner date. Steaming is the purest and the most delicious way to cook fresh fish. We top it with soy sauce, cilantro, ginger, green onion slivers, and pour sizzling hot peanut oil all over the fish. You’ll taste the delicate, sweet flavor of the fish.

“Pick out your own fish to slaughter!?” you ask, squeamishly? Absolutely. My Asian friends know the routine. You arrive at the market early in the morning, when you are most alert and the fish are happy, having just eaten their breakfast. Stand in front of the fish tank.

But hold it.

Before you even start looking at the fish, you must do some simple, but essential calisthenic exercises to maximize your….

I’ve moved! Read the rest of this entry at my new home.

I’ve moved! See the rest of this post at my new home.

I’ve moved! See the rest of this post at my new home.

I’ve moved! See the rest of this post at my new home.

**I’ve moved! Please read the rest of this post at my new home**

**I’ve moved!  Read the rest of the post at my new home**